"My wife has never been so happy, which makes me happy. The Majestic walk-in bathtub truly helped her live a better life. The tub is gorgeous and works like a charm. I recommend this to anyone."

- Steve R., McLean, VA

"In addition to the amazing tub, the customer service was intelligent and responded instantly to my many questions. I was hesitant to purchase such an expensive item without seeing it first, but boy I'm glad I did. I couldn't be more satisfied."

- Jeanine B., Dayton, OH

"Great walk-in tub. Great price. Fast shipment. Knowledgeable support staff."

- Julie M., San Mateo, CA

"I was searching for a walk-in bathtub for about 2 months. I spoke with many of the online retailers and built a spreadsheet to compare. Many of them I had to chase down and call several times to get someone on the phone, which was very frustrating. Many of them just spoke negative about their competition and never listened to my needs. Then, last week I realized that Sam's was carrying the tubs. After one phone call with Tina I knew I found the right walk-in tub. She was kind, smart and truly understood my needs. I received my tub in 3 days and am absolutely in love with it. Thanks Sam’s Club!"

- Gary W., Palm Beach, FL

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